State must allocate more funding for higher ed

I am concerned about CU's fiscal policy and the initiatives that are under way to deal with the crisis. We have read about a number of proposals from the president's office about fiscal flexibility (exemption from public oversight), increasing tuition and increasing out-of-state and foreign student enrollment because they pay more.

Why have we not heard one word from CU lobbying about restoring state funding to higher ed? Why is Colorado, with one of the highest median incomes in the country, dead last in higher ed funding? This is embarrassing and a public shame. I understand that we're in a recession, but so is the rest of the country. Yet 49 other states are managing to provide more than the 3 percent of funding Colorado currently allocates to higher education.

We are in real danger of losing affordable public higher education in Colorado at a time when our kids need an education more than ever. A college education is not a luxury anymore, it's a basic need to function in today's world. Colorado's kids deserve better than this.

Dragan Mejic
Engineering College staff, University of Colorado at Boulder