Resources must be used to take heat off

Aug. 30: Once again it is another 90-plus-degrees day and those of us who work, teach and study in buildings without a swamp cooler or air conditioning are suffering. I not only work in such a building, McKenna, but am an alumna of the University of Colorado Boulder. For the past 25 years of my association with the university, faculty, staff and students in buildings such as McKenna and other non-administrative and non-science buildings swelter in the hot, dry days of late spring, summer and early fall.

The continuously high temperatures in these buildings make it all but impossible to successfully complete our individual mission to the university and general public. Students are crammed into classrooms which are equally as uncomfortable, making learning difficult if not impossible. Were I a parent of such a student, I would be upset at the conditions my student must endure to receive a very expensive education.

For years I have brought building problems to any administrator who would listen. Facilities Management is sympathetic but their hands are tied because the Architect will not allow window air conditioners. Each year, Facilities Management conducts a walk-through of the buildings on campus noting their problems and condition. In my 18 years as a staff person I have yet to realize any significant improvements that bring our building into the 21st century.

The occupants of this building, and others like it, are only too aware of the problems, challenges and health issues faced each day, year after year from working under these conditions. We care about the university and we love the work we do. We sacrifice a lot to work here and support its mission. Faced with five years of no raises, significant increase in job responsibilities, increases in cost of living and lack of administrative support, we continue to give 100-plus percent. Don’t you think it is about time the university and the state recognize that we are vital to their success and channel resources into the very least making a comfortable and productive work environment?

Doreen Williams
Program Assistant, Spanish and Portuguese Department
McKenna Languages Building Proctor