Prime parking spots for hybrid vehicles a misguided policy

I was surprised to see some spots assigned to low-emission vehicles at the Henderson Parking garage at the Anschutz Medical Campus. I find this policy to be unfair and misused.

I would love to buy a hybrid vehicle to help the environment, but it is out of my price range, with my current salary, and was definitely unaffordable when I bought my car eight years ago. Some of the hybrid SUVs don't really give out less-harmful emissions when compared to a fuel-efficient compact car, so we are really subsidizing the well-to-do. They can afford to pay more for premium spots that are reserved for the higher parking fees. I do not begrudge setting aside prime spots for carpoolers as carpooling is a positive action that should be encouraged and rewarded.

If the parking department is getting a subsidy from the state or federal government by this action to show that they care about our carbon footprint, we should all share with lower parking fees. I am resentful that I have to go around to a higher floor when there are all these parking places that are empty or occupied by a hybrid SUV.

I hope others will join me in protesting this misguided policy.

Sunanda Babu
Research associate, Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes
Anschutz Medical Campus