Plenty of news for Newsletter to address

Professor Hildebrand's letter (June 2 issue) complaining that press releases do not replace news, especially when they deal with important matters, should not be ignored. He says "we deserve real news about UCD." I agree. If the writers of the Newsletter want us to be informed, but can't imagine what we'd like to know, I have some ideas for reportage they might consider.

What are the two organizations that Chancellor Wilson will be working on for the last year of his contract? (I have not heard of either of them.) What was their importance to UCD before the news and what will it be now?

Has CU ever chosen an interim chancellor who was not already at CU? Or one with no connection to CU?

The chancellor at the medical campus has always been an MD, because (it has been thought) specialized knowledge is required to run such an incredibly complex enterprise. Can a non-MD assume this role and carry it out successfully? (In the Silver & Gold days, a reporter might have asked a few well-informed people that question.) What is the significance of the new boss of the AMC campus being called "vice-president"? Isn't that a system, not a campus, title?

So you see, Newsletter, there really is a lot of news out there for you to address. Are you allowed to do it? Are you even allowed to tell us you're not allowed to do it?

J. John Cohen, MD, PhD
University of Colorado Medical School