More than complaining needed to achieve pay raises

I listen to everyone, including myself, complain because state classified employees have gone years with no pay increase. The exempt employees have been given salary increases by the regents because the regents are able to increase their regular salary.

I don’t think that a lot of university state classified employees realize that the state General Assembly gives state classified employees pay increases, not the regents. The regents can give those of us who are state classified employees a bonus, or merit increases that are non-base building, but not a general salary increase.

Colorado state classified employees have not had a raise in pay for over four years. That hasn’t kept the cost of everything from going up and it also affects those who are nearing retirement.

Now that the elections are over and the state General Assembly is getting prepared for its next session, every state classified employee should take a minute or two to send their state representatives letters, emails, phone calls or all of the above, telling them it is time to give them a pay increase.

It is wonderful that the governor is requesting a budget increase for higher education. State classified employees might also consider sending him a letter requesting that a state classified pay increase goes through as part of that proposed budget. If someone wants to send a letter or two and doesn’t know who their representatives are, they can go to Colorado.gov, click on “Government,” scroll down, click on the “State Legislature” button, then click “Colorado General Assembly.” This link has state district maps, the Legislative Directory pink book and a lot of other contact information.

Hoping for it may not be enough: State classified employees need to let it be heard that they want their salary increased.

Diana K. Warren
Office of the Registrar
CU Anschutz Medical Campus