Humor helps with technical transition

Like many of my fellow staff members in the CU system, I have been dealing with the huge amount of extra work that has resulted from migration to the new expense system. To give one example of many, I just recently finished working on a travel reimbursement that would have taken me 20 minutes to complete using the old process. Receipt upload issues resulted in a total of over three hours to finally complete one reimbursement. This does not even take into account the time of Brian Dyet and Mary Ellis at the PSC Help Desk as they attempted to help with the problem.

I would like to thank Mary and Brian for all their help over the last many months. They have been incredibly patient and helpful with multiple phone calls and e-mails as we attempt to pound our "square peg" travel and procurement card processes into the "round hole" of the expense system. I cannot imagine how much extra stress and workload Mary and Brian must be dealing with as the two of them take care of all their usual Help Desk communications with the addition of what I am sure is not an insignificant amount of communications with frustrated end users of our new and improved expense system. Mary and Brian helped me laugh instead of pulling my hair out. The laughter was appreciated more than they know. Mary and Brian should be the CU system employees of the year for their expense system efforts!

Bernadette Garcia
Colorado Space Grant Consortium, University of Colorado at Boulder