Feedback deserves prominent place on site

I appreciate the attempt to fill the void many of us feel now that we no longer see the Silver and Gold in our buildings. While it may not be possible to replace a print newsletter with an electronic version, nor will having insufficient staff to cover various events and meetings meet the needs of the faculty and staff, we should try to cooperate with this effort.

In this spirit of cooperation, I would like to suggest that the Newsletter have a prominent section similar to the headings "In this issue..." or "Stories" that is hyperlinked. My suggestion would be "Letters to the Newsletter," but perhaps just "Letters" would suffice. This could highlight your attempts to facilitate communication and encourage feedback.

L. Michael Glodé, MD
Professor of Medicine

Editor's note: We've added a standing link to Letters on the site. The Faculty and Staff Newsletter welcomes letter submissions from current or retired University of Colorado faculty and staff about issues of interest to the university community.