Delay in rates causes frustration over open enrollment


On the one hand, I appreciate the reminders about open enrollment. I understand that there are serious consequences this year, for those who miss the deadline.

For most of us, however, our decision will depend on costs, and I find it incredibly vexing that costs are still not available, given the apparent urgency to enroll. Why not wait to give employees a full month after costs ARE available, instead of this constant remindering that we MUST soon make a decision that we CANNOT make yet, without cost information?

For many of us, these decisions have cascading consequences with their own time elements - we may need to set up or spend down a HSA, for example. I'd appreciate more time to make a fully informed decision – not anxiety-provoking emails exhorting me to make an ill-informed one.

Katy Human
NOAA, CU-Boulder

Note: Details on the posting of final benefits rates and the launch of online enrollment are included in this story in today's issue.