Campuses must be made gun-free zones


Regarding the most recent mass shooting in a Boulder King Soopers, only minutes away from CU’s flagship campus, it is clearer than ever that our campuses need to become gun-free zones. I know this is up to state law, but CU needs to press its resources into whatever action it can.

Our president and chancellors have emphasized hopes and prayers and caring and support. These are all good things. But laws speak to our values just as powerfully. Those of us terrified about the next incident want actual change. CU needs to use its power as the third-largest employer in the state to lobby hard for safer gun laws and better enforcement of existing gun laws. Yes, we’ll hear the argument that bans cannot stop illegal actions; but studies show that they help. Doing little to change laws is tantamount to being AWOL, ethically.

For those as motivated by economics as ethics, it’s worth considering that a safe campus is not only ethical, it’s vital for CU’s goal of remaining a competitive option for prospective students. When students and parents consider CU for college, it would be nice to help counteract these terrible national headlines with the assurance that we’ve made our campuses as safe as legally possible.

Let’s get going on this. CU, please take a huge step in the right direction and start lobbying to make our campuses gun-free zones.

David Hildebrand
CU Denver