Nursing students, instructor deliver valentines to Children’s Hospital

Members of the Student Nurses Association delivered teddy bears to Children’s Hospital on Tuesday. From left: Sue Davis, instructor, Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences; Valerie Walker, senior; Amy Digan, senior; and Kelley Millsap, a Beth El alumnus.

Sue Davis, instructor at Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences at UCCS, and members of the Student Nurses Association delivered Valentine’s Day presents to patients at Children’s Hospital at Memorial Hospital.

For several weeks, the Student Nurses Association solicited donations for the project. Donors had the option of building a bear themselves or providing money and having a student nurse do the work. Led by Amy Digan, a Beth-El senior and a member of the Student Nurses Association, the group gathered to build holiday cheer for Children’s Hospital patients.

Earlier this month, Digan and Valerie Walker, a Beth-El senior, were assisted by Davis and Kelley Millsap, a Beth-El alumnus, in wheeling cartloads of bears through the hospital. Because of hospital regulations, the Student Nurses Association members were not allowed to deliver the bears directly to patients. Instead, hospital staff and volunteers shared them with patients, some in pediatric intensive care, over the next several days.