Classified staff can’t spare change for athletics

Recently President Benson sent a mass email to CU staff (and others) titled, “The window into CU,” espousing the value of intercollegiate athletics and asking us to support the athletic programs – specifically the new football coach and the football facilities upgrade.

Every time he sends these mass communications, it gives me a window into his thinking on the value of classified staff. Because sending these messages to classified staff who have long gone without raises is like a slap in the face, and it’s not the first one. Enough already. It’s very discouraging to start the workday reading something like this and being reminded of our low position on the CU totem pole.

Hey, I’d like to help support CU athletics, but I have no spare change to do that. Can classified staff please feel a little love from the president? If you can’t give me a raise, can you at least stop sending me these emails?

Kim Schafer
College of Arts and Sciences


One Response to Classified staff can’t spare change for athletics

  1. says:

    I understand Kim’s frustration but I am not upset about President Benson’s email requesting a donation, it is one of his job duties to fundraise. Like the other response, it is important for classified staff to remember senior admin cannot just give us a raise, the legislature has to do it. The good news is that the Gov has submitted a budget containing both a cost of living adjustment and merit based pay increases. Back to the email, I believe in CU’s mission and am proud of how all of us at CU accomplish that mission. CU has the same right to ask me to give just as the Colorado Combined Campaign, United Way, Amnesty International, food banks, etc. and its my right to pick and choose who to give to. None of these other organizations stopped asking because I had not received a raise, they simply left it up to me to choose whether or not to give as President Benson did. I prefer to have the choice.